Hastings Contemporary 1 - Looking, thinking, making in Contemporary Art Practice

Join us for this open and friendly practical class where we will take a critical and creative look at the exhibitions in the Hastings Contemporary gallery. We'll look more closely at the work, the building, and location, and use them as a springboard for exploring contemporary art practice.

The focus will be on looking at how artists respond to a range of subjects and then find ways for us to express our own reactions, thoughts and feelings to these subjects. We will use a range of 2D and 3D art materials, such as pens, pastels, charcoal, paint, collages, and cardboard, to explore different genres and themes. Activities will include drawing, painting, collage, zine-making, small sculptures, phone photography, and printmaking.


Hastings (Station Plaza)

Course Type



Options Course Code Starts Ends Days From To Standard Fee
50053-01 12/10/23 21/12/24 Thursday 10:00 12:30 £195
50053-02 11/01/24 18/04/24 Thursday 10:00 12:30 £195
50053-03 18/04/24 27/06/24 Thursday 10:00 12:30 £195

Additional Info

Sharon Haward is an artist based in Hastings and who has exhibited widely and has participated and produced work for artists led projects, residencies and commissions in the UK and Europe. She works with a wide range of media and materials including installation, sculpture, film and photography and her practice is focused on an exploration of the relationship between our bodies and architectural space. Sharon Has over 30 years teaching experience, working in formal and informal educational settings and appealing to those with a keen interest in self expression and contemporary art practice.