Introduction to Drawing

Join us for a relaxed and enjoyable drawing class where we will provide you with an opportunity to draw from life models and still life setups.

This course covers a range of drawing activities with frequent references to the work of contemporary and historical artists. The sessions are relaxed and suitable for beginners. All activities encourage the development if an individual visual language using different media and materials, themes and approaches.


Hastings (Station Plaza)

Course Type


4.7 out of 5 student feedback rating


Options Course Code Starts Ends Days From To Standard Fee
18032-01 22/09/23 01/12/23 Friday 10:00 12:30 £145
18032-02 12/01/24 22/03/24 Friday 10:00 12:30 £145
18032-03 19/04/24 28/06/24 Friday 10:00 12:30 £145

What will I study?

If you're new to drawing, or you've not drawn for a while, this course will guide you through the fundamental aspects of drawing. Each week, you will have an opportunity to investigate the different elements of art, including line, form, shape, space, colour and texture, focusing on how it is used and applied in drawing.

You will be encouraged to explore a variety of different mark-making materials such as pencil, charcoal, pastel and ink. We'll also demonstrate drawing techniques such as hatching, perspective and measuring proportions and encourage you to use different drawing processes to develop your own visual language.

What can I do after completing this course?

Once you have completed this course, you might like to try join our life drawing or life sculpting classes to develop your skills further.

Are there any extra costs?

There are some extra costs with this course, as you will need to buy drawing materials such as pencils and paper.