Summer School Screen Printing

Join us for an exciting and creative week of Screen Printing. Spend the week exploring photographic, hand-drawn, and block shapes methods of screen printing. You'll learn about water-based inks, how to control ink transparencies, and how to use overlays and gradients to achieve full-colour results.

Ideal for exploring photographic, hand drawn and/or block shapes, screen-print is a fast and effective way of creating multiple prints on paper. Using water-based inks, you can control ink transparencies, overlays and gradients to achieve full colour results.

Basics to some advanced techniques covered. Ideally prepare some 'positives' in advance. non-demo materials can be purchased from Plaza Art Supplies. Please note: you will need to provide relevant materials.


Hastings (Station Plaza)

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Options Course Code Starts Ends Days From To Standard Fee
13046-01 10/07/23 14/07/23 Monday-Friday 09:30 15:30 £165

Are there any extra costs?

There are some extra costs with this course, as you will need to buy the relevant materials.