Access to HE Preparation

Thinking about doing a Level 3 Access to HE course or want to apply to University?

Are you looking to study an Adult course at ESCG?

Worried you've been out of education for too long?

The aim of the Level 2 Certificate in Progression qualification is to offer a range of personal learning skills that give you an opportunity to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to make choices about further study, employment and life.

You will have a designated tutor to provide you support throughout this 32 week course and provide further information, advice and guidance around our Level 3 Access to HE Diplomas or further study.




Level 2

Course Type



Access to HE

4.7 out of 5 student feedback rating


Options Course Code Starts Ends
enquire apply 60610-02 07/02/24 15/05/24

What will I study?

-Learning basics of computer software and being able to choose appropriate applications for a certain purpose

-Understand skills and be able to plan and then deliver a presentation

-Understand how to use your abilities and sources of information to progress and transition into work.

-Understand basic concepts of critical analysis and apply these.

-Identify the purpose, use different styles, write to communicate, plan and draft.

-Know how to use punctuation to aid understanding and use grammar correctly.

-Identify your own personal study skills, where to find information, and how to utilise sources.

-Know about different methods and be able to communicate information in a variety of ways.

How will I be assessed?

Portfolio of evidence. No exams

What qualification will I achieve?

LASER Level 2 Certificate in Progression

What can I do after completing this course?

Apply for an Access to HE course or other ESCG Adult course.

Additional Info

This course can be taken alongside Maths and English GCSE if needed or desired.