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Equality and Diversity

Course Code: 60772-01

Aim of the course:

This qualification aims to:

  • introduce the concepts of equality and diversity in a variety of environments including society, the community and the workplace
  • highlight how stereotyping and labelling affects individuals
  • outline the affects of prejudice and discrimination
  • allow you to examine rights and responsibilities
  • stress the importance of taking individual responsibility and action to help and support others
  • provide a basis for further study and/or career development.

The objectives of these qualifications are to help you to:

  • raise your awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity
  • apply this awareness through your actions in society, community and the workplace.
Mandatory Units:
  • Unit 01: Equality and diversity in society
  • Unit 02: Equality and diversity in the community
  • Unit 03: Equality and diversity in the workplace

Additional qualification information about this learning aim can be viewed on the NCFE page which will give you more of an in depth overview.

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