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Understanding Data Protection and Data Security

Course Code: 60788-01

Aim of the course:

The purpose of this qualification is to allow you to demonstrate understanding of data protection and data security. It will help you progress to a work role where data protection and data security knowledge is required.

The objectives of this qualification are to enable you to:
  • understand current data legislation
  • understand steps organisations might take to help protect data
  • understand how to protect your own data
  • understand how to protect ICT systems from common threats
  • understand the consequences of not protecting data and systems.
Mandatory Units:
  • Unit 01: Understand current data protection legislation
  • Unit 02: Understand organisational procedures concerning data
  • Unit 03: Understand threats to ICT systems and data
  • Unit 04: Understand the consequences of not protecting data

Additional qualification information about this learning aim can be viewed on the NCFE page which will give you more of an in depth overview.